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National Diamond Lab. is always striving to improve on our products. In 2001, we introduced the The Glassblower Special, our improved resin bond diamond cutoff blade. Today, many ASGS Members have this blade in service and are very pleased with its improvements. For 2007, we have taken our Glassblower Special cutoff blade and once again, improved on it.

It has been brought to our attention, that rust is an inherent problem when cutting and grinding glass. This is due to the fact that the core of the cutoff blade is made of steel and that water is used as a coolant. After an extensive study with respects to the problem of rust, we began tests of various methods to resolve this issue. As a result of our research and testing, we found success with applying a special rust resistant coating to the steel core. This special coating is applied at a thickness of .001x to .003x.

(see Cross Section A-A)

It does not affect the harmonic balance nor the performance of the cutoff blade, and will not rub off or f transfer to the glass during cutting or grinding.

Also, by preventing the build-up of rust on the steel core and steel flanges, this special coating eliminates the amounts of rust particles in the coolant tanks, which adhere to the glass and ultimately cause sparks or burn marks. We also found that, by preventing rust on the steel core and steel flanges, the maintenance of your valuable saw machines, is needed less frequently.

Colors available: Black, Red, White and Blue

Sizes available:

10” x .062” x 5/8”Arbor

12” x .062” x 3/4”Arbor

14” x .070” x 3/4”Arbor

Grading: D220R75B46 1/4

To aid us in our research and testing, we requested the assistance of three (3) prominent members of the “ASGS”. These are their testimonials:

*We have used the black-coated blade for over four (4) months. It is cutting fine. The coating has not worn off, so there is no rust on the blade. We have not noticed any problems with the coating affecting the glass when cold or hot.
Frank Meints, Meints Glassblowing

*I just LOVE this blade. The rust inhibitor coating is going to be extremely beneficial for the Dynacut diamond saw that I use everyday in my work. The Dynacut saw is of a different design compared to the Pistorius saw where the water comes through the arbor of the blade and r sprays out of six (6) channels cut into the flanges that secure the blade on the arbor. I recently had the plumber and the pipe fitters bypass the recirculation and have clean, fresh water coming directly onto the saw. The normal 14-inch blade I usually use was installed only two months ago and it has a lot of rust build up. This new blade with the rust proof coating should prevent build up so I don't have to tear everything apart for maintenance as often. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test your product.
Doni Hatz, Scientific Glassblowing, Proctor & Gamble Company

*The protective coating you use on the 14-inch diamond cutoff blade is a wonderful addition to your product. The flanges remain rust free, which in the past required being bead blasted or at times machined to resurface the face of the flanges. Thank you for the improvements.
Dan Vogt, 3M Center V, Glassblowing Laboratory

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